Khamis, 17 September 2009 | By: iKhwan89

Sharing The Love [from The Star; Saturday September 12, 2009]

Would you rather be a mistress or a third wife? We speak to women who
vouched for the latter and hear what it's like having to share for
the sake of religion.

It was a family day like no other. In the early morning light, hundreds
of men, women and children from all over the globe thronged the peaceful
suburb of Bandar Country Homes in Rawang. Mothers gossiped between
mouthfuls of nasi lemak, while their kids eyed the cheerful
song-and-dance performances with feigned interest.

This illusion of everyday normality was shattered once I took my seat
underneath one of the plastic VIP tents that surrounded the vast,
rectangular field. Before me, banners pinned to a temporary stage read:
Cintailah Allah & Rasul, Perjuangkan Poligami (Love Allah & the Prophet,
defend polygamy).


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